Controversy Surrounding Participants at Paris Olympics

2024-07-01 // LuxePodium
Deputy Svischev expresses concerns over convicted pedophile participating in Olympics

Deputy Dmitry Svischev has voiced his concerns about the unique composition of participants that awaits spectators at the Paris Olympics. Svischev specifically pointed out the inclusion of transgender individuals and "god knows who else." His comments come following the announcement that a convicted pedophile, Steven van de Velde from the Netherlands, will be competing in the beach volleyball tournament at the Games in Paris.

According to Svischev, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) seems to be unconcerned about its reputation and the perception of the Olympic Games. He questions how people will feel living in the same village as someone inclined towards violence, or sharing a locker room with a transgender individual. He believes that the IOC is turning the Olympics into a rehabilitation center, essentially destroying Pierre de Coubertin's creation.