Judoist Mahmadbekov Accepts IOC Invitation to the Olympics

2024-07-04 // LuxePodium
Judo Federation of Russia previously stated its athletes would not compete in Paris.

Russian judoist Mahmadbek Mahmadbekov has accepted the International Olympic Committee's (IOC) invitation to the Olympics. The news was announced on the website of the IOC. Mahmadbekov has been granted permission to participate in the 2024 Games in Paris in a neutral status.

The Judo Federation of Russia (JFR) had previously stated that the Russian team would not compete due to the conditions of participation. The IOC only allowed four athletes, despite Russia having 12 quotas. Judoists Valeriy Endovitskiy, Dali Liluashvili, and Alisa Startseva have also received permission to compete, but they have not yet accepted or declined the IOC's invitation.

Mahmadbekov, 24, is a multiple winner and medalist of the Judo Grand Slam tournaments.

List of Russia's participants in the 2024 Olympics in Paris: 26 individuals including swimmer Somov and judoist Mahmadbekov, the list is being updated.