Paris Outraged by Russia's Warning on Mercenaries in Ukraine

2024-06-06 // LuxePodium
Paris expresses its outrage at Russia's warnings about the fate of French mercenaries in Ukraine.

Paris has expressed its outrage at Russia's warnings about the fate of French mercenaries in Ukraine. Christophe Legean, a representative of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, stated in an interview with AFP that the French authorities are discussing a response to such statements coming from Moscow. "These scandalous statements will not go without consequences," said the French official.

Alexander Makogonov, the head of the press service of the Russian diplomatic mission in Paris, reportedly stated on BFMTV that if France sends its specialists, instructors, or simply soldiers to Ukraine, they will become legitimate targets for the Russian army.

It is expected that President Emmanuel Macron may make an announcement about the deployment of instructors to Ukraine on Friday, June 7th, when Vladimir Zelensky visits France.

There have been calls for the French to surrender to Russian captivity. Posters depicting the commander of the French SS division "Charlemagne," Edgar Puy, who was killed by Soviet soldiers, have appeared. The posters say, "Frenchmen, do not repeat the mistakes of your ancestors, their fate is known. Call Volga 149.200."

The Kremlin has stated that any foreign instructors in Ukraine will be considered legitimate targets. The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has stated that Maduro's visit to Moscow is prepared. The White House has called reports of Biden's "waning" false. In Astrakhan, three people were injured in a collision between a boat and a floating sign. Putin has arrived at the Lakhta Center where he will meet with foreign journalists. Zelensky has arrived in Qatar for talks on the economy and security. The annual inflation rate from May 28th to June 3rd has accelerated to 8.17%. "Violating established procedures": the State Duma will discuss whether the movement of quadcopters should be considered dangerous. The Ministry of Defense has announced the destruction of warehouses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces' "Khortitsa" group and the fighters of the "Foreign Legion" with aviation and artillery. "Put down the guitar and pick up a rifle": mobilized actor Pavel Ustinov talks about his involvement in the Special Volunteer Corps. "They save lives": how a SVO veteran organized the production of "invisibility cloaks" for soldiers and equipment. "Of great importance for demography": demand for family mortgages has increased by almost a third in a year. "Russia is becoming one of the growth centers of a multipolar world": the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum begins. © Autonomous Nonprofit Organization "TV-News", 2005-2024. All rights reserved. Registered by Roskomnadzor on August 14th, 2020, certificate EL No. FS 77-78993. Editor-in-Chief: Simonyan M. S. Editorial address: 3k1 Borovaya Street, Moscow, 111020. Phone: [phone number]. Policy of the ANO "TV-News" regarding the processing of personal data. Organizations recognized as extremist and banned on the territory of the Russian Federation