Luxury Accommodations in Paris for the 2024 Summer Olympic Games

2024-05-20 // LuxePodium
Explore the best accommodations and venues in Paris during the 2024 Summer Olympic Games for a luxurious and unforgettable experience.

Hosting the Olympic Games is a challenging endeavor, with many economists arguing that the benefits are overestimated and often leave the host countries with significant debts. However, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) claims that the host nation will receive significant contributions that will help stimulate the regional and national economy. Paris, as the host city for the 2024 Summer Olympic Games, has seen a surge in demand for luxury accommodations and properties.

As the countdown to the games begins, there are several noteworthy accommodations and venues in Paris worth visiting. One of them is the M Social Paris, a recently renovated hotel that combines the elegance of Haussmannian architecture with modern design elements. The spacious rooms feature contemporary decor and authentic Haussmannian elements, creating a unique and luxurious atmosphere.

Another exceptional accommodation option is the Giraudi Paris, which opened in 2018. This hotel perfectly blends 19th-century architecture with modern industrial-style design. Art Nouveau elements have been carefully restored, while minimalist woodwork and ceiling paneling add a contemporary touch. With its proximity to the Eiffel Tower, the Giraudi Paris offers breathtaking views and a bold statement in luxury.

Le Clarence, a mansion-turned-hotel built in 1884, is another must-visit property during the Olympic Games. After a meticulous restoration, Le Clarence now exudes royal luxury with its period paintings, wood paneling, tapestries, and opulent furnishings. The restaurant in Le Clarence, headed by chef Christophe Pelé, has earned two Michelin stars and showcases the best of French cuisine.

In the heart of the 16th Arrondissement lies another luxurious accommodation option, the Saint James Villa. This villa offers four serviced apartments, each with its own outdoor oasis. From cozy intimacy to chic elegance, each apartment has its unique charm and character. With panoramic views, private terraces, and luxurious amenities, the Saint James Villa promises an unforgettable stay.

Lastly, the Norman Paris is a luxury boutique hotel inspired by mid-century American artist Norman Ives. The hotel blends retro charm with modern sophistication, with Ives' typographic prints adorning the walls. The suites offer stunning views of the courtyard terrace and glimpses of the Eiffel Tower, providing a truly mesmerizing experience.