Discriminatory Restrictions, Unfriendly Course, Aggressive Russophobia: Russian Foreign Ministry Warns Russians Going to Paris-2024

2024-05-29 // LuxePodium
Russian Foreign Ministry warns Russians who are planning to go to Paris-2024 about possible provocations and discriminatory restrictions.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has warned Russians planning to visit France, particularly Paris, where most of the sporting events will take place during Paris-2024, about several circumstances that may create difficulties for their stay in French territory. Firstly, there will be restrictions on movement by car, and in certain areas of the capital, restrictions will also be imposed on public transportation. Secondly, people should be prepared for increased security measures, including document and personal belonging checks. It should be remembered that since March 22nd, French authorities have raised the level of terrorist threat to the highest level - "Terrorist Threat" - which gives law enforcement expanded powers to implement security measures.

Thirdly, the official authorities and organizers of the Olympic Games have refused to cooperate with the Russian Embassy on matters related to the Olympics. There is a high probability that Russian diplomats will not be given passes to restricted zones, significantly reducing their ability to provide consular and other assistance to Russian citizens. Finally, it is important to take into account existing discriminatory restrictions against Russians in France, such as a ban on using Russian bank cards and making money transfers from Russian banks, as well as restrictions on cash payments for goods and services.

As for the possibility of provocations against Russian citizens, unfortunately, this also needs to be taken into account when making a decision to travel to France. The current French authorities generally have an unfriendly course towards our country, and the French media are deeply affected by aggressive Russophobia, which cannot but have a negative impact on the overall atmosphere in France towards Russia and its citizens. Regarding the Olympics, it should be recalled that French representatives have repeatedly stated that the display of Russian symbols at the Games is prohibited. It is still difficult to say how strictly this ban will be enforced, for example, not in stadiums but on the streets of the city, but excesses cannot be ruled out. The statements made by the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, about not being happy to welcome Russian athletes, are indicative of the sentiments propagated by official structures. This situation, of course, creates a fertile ground for the emergence and activation of various provocateurs," said Alexey Klimov, Head of the Consular Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry.