Russian Athletes Successfully Registered for Paralympics in Paris

2024-06-24 // LuxePodium
Russian athletes and accompanying personnel have completed the preliminary registration for the Paralympics in Paris.

Russian athletes and accompanying personnel have successfully completed the preliminary registration process for the upcoming Paralympic Games in Paris, according to Pavel Rozhkov, the president of the Russian Paralympic Committee (RPC). The registration was conducted through a video conference, during which the Organizing Committee of the Paralympic Games discussed the preliminary composition, accreditations, and visa support. Rozhkov stated that the Organizing Committee has informed them that athletes and staff are not allowed to participate in the athletes' parade at the opening ceremony, but they can attend as spectators.

The Paralympic Games will take place in Paris from August 28th to September 8th. This comes after the RPC's suspension and neutral status prevented them from participating fully in the previous Paralympic Games. In late April, Rozhkov announced Russia's plans to send a delegation to the Paralympics. On March 6th, the RPC was informed of the conditions for the participation of Russian athletes in the summer Games, which included the restrictions mentioned above.

The Organizing Committee has stated that Paralympic athletes from Russia will not be allowed to take part in the opening and closing ceremonies. Instead, the flag of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) will be raised and the IPC anthem will be played in case of victory. These measures are seen as a deprivation of national identity by the committee. In February, the IPC Swimming Committee allocated 42 quotas to Russian swimmers based on their performance in IPC-ranked competitions.